Macdoel Harvest 2017

Here is a bird’s eye view of the harvest up in Macdoel, Ca. Video and Photography by: Crystal Amen Photography MACDOEL HARVEST. LCN. 2017 from Crystal Amen on Vimeo.

Ruby June studies by Barclay Poling

Here is a report created by Barclay Poling on one of Lassen Canyon Nursery’s varieties, Ruby June. Early Reports on Ruby June – Could it be a Keeper? Barclay Poling, Professor Emeritus, NC State & Strawberry Consultant

AgraTech Greenhouses

Found a pretty neat Blog from AgraTech wrote about Lassen Canyon Nursery and how they use the Agratech Greenhouses.

Manteca Harvest has been a wet one…

Despite all the rain we have been having (in which we are very grateful for) the Manteca harvest has been tough but we are making it happen.  When the ground it wet it is not easy to dig our plants which makes harvest a challenge from time to time.  These are some photos that were taken at sunrise on the … Read More

Halloween at LCN

The Redding office and Trim Shed always know how to have a good time on Halloween.  Here are some photos of those that dressed up.

Bearing Berries (Enjoy Magazine)

We have a great article in the Enojy magazine on pages 55 & 56.  It has a quick overview of our company and what goes on.  Check it out.  The Enjoy magazine has all kinds of great articles in it also.