Halloween at LCN

The Redding office and Trim Shed always know how to have a good time on Halloween.  Here are some photos of those that dressed up.

Bearing Berries (Enjoy Magazine)

We have a great article in the Enojy magazine on pages 55 & 56.  It has a quick overview of our company and what goes on.  Check it out.  The Enjoy magazine has all kinds of great articles in it also.

Macdoel Growing Field Update

Harvest is right around the corner and our plants are looking amazing.  Here is a look at how much they have grown since July when I started these photos.

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

Lassen Canyon is now hiring for their harvest season starting September 26th. Jobs Available Contact Accepting Applications Forklift Operators, Sorters, Sweepers, and Dumpers Spherion Staffing(530) 222-34342650 Larkspur Laneright behind K-Martwww.spherionjobcentral.com NOW – Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm Trimmers Lassen Canyon Trimshed(530) 223-19331300 Salmon Creek Rd Sept 19th-23rd 9am-2pm

Growing update August 2016

I am continuing to document how our plants are growing each month.  It is amazing the difference one month makes.  Here is a side by side comparison of our plants from August 2016.  Don’t they look AWESOME!!

The Plants are Growing…

Traveled up to Macdoel on July 1st and snapped a few pics of the fields.  The plants are looking awesome!   Stay tuned for monthy updates on our growing season in Macdoel, CA.

Strawberry Facial Mask

Face masks are a great way to feed your skin healthy antioxidants. I love creating my own homemade masks at home since it’s inexpensive and the natural ingredients are gentle on my dry and sensitive skin. After a long day, nothing is better than kicking up my feet and pampering myself with a delicious mask. Strawberries are in season from … Read More