Row Covers

Morning review of what happened last night! (7:30 am – ?, Wed, 4/6/16) Good morning! There is nothing like just getting your sprinkler system running and then having a main line blow out. A grower from Yadkin County wrote last night: 12:15 frost and 34 canopy. 12:30 blew 5″ main line. Nothing like carrying 30′ joints of pipe in the … Read More

Strategic Forcing by Barclay & Clyde

Check out Barclay Poling’s latest blog post sharing research and findings from Clyde Gurosik of N. Augusta, SC. You will find his updates on a study he did on Camarosa with ground temperature and Strategic Forcing. Click here to view Barclay’s Blog.

More Adventures of Barclay Poling

Dr. Barclay Poling, although retiring in August of 2013, is passionate about his research on strawberry varieties.  His focus is on micro-climate modifications or low tunnels and how it effects the production of berries.  He recently traveled to Louisiana and checked out the strawberry industry there.  Here is a little blurb he wrote on his findings. Stay tuned for … Read More

Barclay Poling visits Louisiana Strawberry Growers

My Early November Visit to Louisiana’s Tangipahoa Parish – A Strawberry Industry With a Great Tradition E. Barclay Poling, Professor Emeritus NC State University, Raleigh, NC (12/30/15) In early November, I had a terrific opportunity to visit Louisiana’s strawberry industry in the Tangipahoa Parish, that includes the Hammond, Independence, Springfield, Holden and Ponchatoula growing areas. Just before leaving for my … Read More