Get Snacking Challenge

Here is a fun Challenge created by the California Strawberry Commission. Check it out for your chance to win! Get Snacking Challenge

Macdoel Harvest 2017

Here is a bird’s eye view of the harvest up in Macdoel, Ca. Video and Photography by: Crystal Amen Photography MACDOEL HARVEST. LCN. 2017 from Crystal Amen on Vimeo.

Manteca Harvest has been a wet one…

Despite all the rain we have been having (in which we are very grateful for) the Manteca harvest has been tough but we are making it happen.  When the ground it wet it is not easy to dig our plants which makes harvest a challenge from time to time.  These are some photos that were taken at sunrise on the … Read More

Macdoel Growing Field Update

Harvest is right around the corner and our plants are looking amazing.  Here is a look at how much they have grown since July when I started these photos.

The Plants are Growing…

Traveled up to Macdoel on July 1st and snapped a few pics of the fields.  The plants are looking awesome!   Stay tuned for monthy updates on our growing season in Macdoel, CA.

The Fruit is on at Darren’s Berries

Mel Fernandez has been sending me photos of some of the growers down in Southern California & Santa Maria.  Here are some awesome photos of Darren’s Berries Fields in Santa Maria, CA.

The Fruit is on in Oxnard, CA.

The plants are doing great down in Southern California.  Here are a few photos of the Fronteras & Radiance from Surfside Farms down in Oxnard, CA.

Chumash Farms & their Strawberry Towers

Here are some neat photos from one of our growers down in San Luis Obispo, CA. Chumash Farms sent us these photos of some of our Sweet Ann variety strawberry that they have growing in their towers.  Sweet Ann just so happens to be of of Lassen Canyon Nursery’s own variety.  The towers are a great way to grow strawberries … Read More